Our Story

Simply Design Group specializes in WordPress web design & development.  We focus on serving organizations who want to increase their web and mobile website presence for maximum business impact. We are a committed team of experienced web & mobile app developers in Dallas, TX with over 13 years of web design & development experience.  Our focus is on delivering impactful technology solutions that achieve growth and create value. Everything we do is driven by one purpose – to help you thrive.  Just getting by is not an option. With our expert knowledge and a commitment to your company’s success, we challenge the status quo and embrace independent thinking. We believe everyone deserves the freedom to thrive.

Everything we do is driven by one purpose – to help you thrive.

Dallas, TX – Simply Design group is a leader in web design, web development and web strategy. But it hasn’t always been that way. It all started when I first heard those unforgettable tones of the dial up modem reaching out to the great unknown of the internet. I was enamored by the idea of the internet and that I could publish something of my own and could play solitaire without any software! Remember when you couldn’t spend too much time online because you might miss a phone call? My how things have changed.

In the late 1990s I was introduced to high-speed Internet and something called FrontPage. It was the precursor to most web publishing software created by Microsoft (which was cool at the time). It was with FrontPage that I created my very first website – a personal site of course. Not long after that I began teaching myself a handful of programs that were useful to website publishing and found a job working alongside two other guys at a local university. Our office was about 10 feet underground although there were a few windows – out of which we could only see out of about 6 inches of daylight.

One day the 3 “web guys” (me, Chris, and Jason) were kicking around the idea of taking on some side work building websites for people we knew who needed some help creating a webpages. It seemed like a reasonable idea and the prospect of earning more than $7 per hour was motivating as well. On top of that, it might mean that we could get out of that basement! A few months went by and we had each found our own side projects, but found that we always need help from each other in order to complete them. At that moment we realized that we could accomplish more as a team than as individuals, so we decided to form a company and tackle bigger and more complex projects, and set out sites on an above-ground office! It wasn’t long after that day, that Simply Design Group was born.

In October of 2004, the crazy idea of Simply Design Group was brought to life by 4 individuals with a passion for creativity and digital technology. Our goal was to “quit our day jobs” and pursue our passion for the web and the endless possibilities it offered. That seemed like a much better idea to us than what our current jobs offered – where our office was in the basement!

Over the years, our commitment to delivering personal attention and delivering impactful products to Dallas business owners is a result of our own passion to follow our dream. We understand what it’s like to jump into the deep end, and we relish the opportunity to join you in the same pursuits.By working with Simply Design Group, you gain a partner, advocate, and an expert for your business. Our experience with web technologies, trends, and a wide variety of industries has provided us a remarkable knowledge base that you can benefit from by working with us. We believe that building websites can be a simple process for you, yet also create tremendous value for your company.

During the past 10 years, we’ve grown as a company and learned from our mistakes and successes. Looking ahead to the next 10 years, we feel more equipped than ever to provide you with modern, effective, and measurable web solutions to help you achieve your goals. It’s our desire to work with you side by side to push you towards greater success.

We look forward to serving you.