5 Keys to a Successful Web Design

  1. The Right WordsBe clear about your message and write concise website copy that your audience can easily understand.
    Your customers are busy!  And have probably been online or on a screen ALL DAY.  Resist the urge to use a lot of words or be elegant or “dreamy.”  Inspire, but be direct. Help users quickly answer the question “Am I in the right place?”
  2. The Right DesignGive users a clear path to success.
    Everybody has a problem to solve.  Show them that you have the solution and how to quickly get it!  Focus on the customer and how you can help them be a hero today.
  3. The Right PlatformChoose a reliable website platform and hosting partner.
    Cheap hosting and “free” website solutions lack quality and performance.  With only a few seconds to hold your customers’ attention, you’ll want to be sure that a slow lurching website isn’t holding you back.  Big companies offer low priced products and services, but customer support can be downright terrible. Find a provider you trust and is accessible to you when you need help.
  4. The Right ApproachAsk your point person how your website will be built. 
    It’s common to outsource website development overseas to low cost providers.  This only benefits the agency and can leave you with a mess on your hands.  Many times, website code written by off-shore developers is disorganized, doesn’t adhere to industry standards, and is insecure.  Be certain that your agency is willing to build your website in-house with experienced developers.
  5. The Right TeamFind a team of experts to help you be successful.
    Most every endeavor requires multiple people to get things done the right way.  Successful websites include complex strategies that must all work together: design, coding, copywriting, SEO, advertising, digital marketing, analytics, hosting and ongoing support.  Make sure you’ve thought through who will be responsible for each of these key components.