Fresh Powder

(not pictured – me)

There’s nothing like being one of the first skiers to the top of the mountain after a fresh dusting of white powdery snow.  It acts differently.  It feels like pillows beneath your skis.  It brings out the essence of the sport.  You, your skis, and the snow.  No icy patches to slip on, no tracks from other skiers (except for the few who beat you to the top) no bumpy spots, just fresh white powder.

A clean slate can be a good thing, but it can also be a little scary.  It’s an opportunity to rebuild, do things better, and make an impact like never before.  It’s also a break from what’s comfortable, what you know works, and what your used to.  But in order to grow and get better, sometimes we need to be first to the top of the mountain.  We need to make our own tracks in the snow on a fresh mountain of powder.

In 2018, Simply Design Group is doing just that.  Re-thinking, re-working, and re-organizing on a clean slate.  We’re striving to be the best we can be, so that our efforts make you the best you can be.  We want to strive for the top, not just for ourselves, but for you too.  Stay tuned and follow along as we make new tracks in the snow…