How Google Is Hurting Your Business

Why Mobile Friendly Can Hurt Your Business

Actually, it’s you that’s hurting you business but no one likes to blame themselves so let’s shift our focus to Google momentarily. Feels better right? This week Google released an update to its algorithm that will give preference to sites that have a desktop version AND a mobile friendly version. Why? It’s simple – web searches on mobile devices are poised to surpass searches made on a desktop computer. Think about your day for just a second. Think about how naked you feel when you don’t have your phone. It’s your little buddy, your safety net when the stop light is too long, and your ever-ready pacifier (parents, here is where you say “amen!”). The reality is that because you (and your customers) have your phone with you at all times, you are already using it and searching on it more frequently than on a desktop. And EVERYONE has a mobile device – your customers and your potential customers.

So what does that mean for you? Simple – you need a strategy for capturing users who are searching for your products or services on a mobile device. Otherwise, your site will lose it’s ranking in Google’s search results. Now that competitor across town whose website used to be dominated by yours in the search results, just pass you up because their is mobile friendly. So in essence, Google is providing you with an opportunity to get more exposure and potentially more business. They are helping not hurting. It’s your call now.

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