Overlooked Gaps That Are Sinking Your Website

Can you feel your website sinking? The phone rings a little less often and you think you are in a natural dip. Online leads have dropped-off, but that’s just Facebook messing with the algorithm again. Right? Don’t take a chance with your online presence. Take a moment today to learn about three avoidable problems that could be dragging you down.

Let’s talk about your appearance in local searches.

Fix Your Phone Number On Google

When customers search for your company name, or your name is returned in a search, a phone number and address is almost guaranteed to show up with a map of the address

To initially fill up this directory, Google’s automated systems scrounged for information about you wherever they could. Did you ever go in to make sure this info is correct? This is easy to miss, but obviously critical to getting calls! Plus, potential customers are turned off by wrong numbers and missing info. They just assume you’re out of business.

For more information about claiming your business listing and correcting your listing information, visit Google’s info site at https://www.google.com/business/. Once you’ve gained control of your listing, check the phone number and other important contact information.

Fix Your Website Backups

So, maybe you hate your website. Still, it’s something! You’ve put money in already. Sure, there’s more to do. But you need to protect what you have. What happens if you get hacked today? I’ll tell you what happens when your competitor goes down. He restores his site from a backup. It’s as easy as clicking a button, or calling your IT guy to click it for you.

Backups are a snapshot of your website taken at regular intervals. When you get hacked, restoring a backup means choosing a snapshot from before the incident and bringing it back. True, you might lose some work or even some customer orders if you have E-commerce. However, hopefully you have more records of those orders in your email or other systems.

Are you backing up your site? I hope so! It won’t be a pretty sight if you go down with no way back.

Fix Your Headlines

Many websites suffer from a lack of marketing strategy because the web designer turned up and said, “What do you want this to say?” but offered no suggestions and no pre-planning. Put on the spot and without any time to plan, a lot of people seem to say “Ummm… We’re Number One!” Yikes.

Customers truly do not care about your ranking, your awards, or your story. Not on the homepage. There’s a time and place for that. In fact, proving your expertise is critical! But your homepage headline should speak directly to the customer’s need.

For examples and more headline writing tips, check out our guide “Three Steps to Boost Your Website”.

Can you fix a sinking ship? Addressing these problems is just the start. But you can do it! Fix your local search appearance, start backing up your site, and make those headlines more customer-centric. Work on all of those today to get yourself back above water.

You want to take things further, right? Work with your web team to plan achievable goals and improvements. And if you’re looking for more help on your web design, contact us online or call 214-217-4407. Let’s fill those gaps!

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash